5 of the Best Elegant Wedding Invitations

Today I will get you through 5 of the best elegant wedding invitations.

When it comes to your wedding, you are in no doubt that you want it to be an elegant affair. You are not the kind of bride-to-be who likes to stand out for all the wrong reasons. When it comes to what you wear on an everyday basis, you prefer to choose outfits that are sophisticated, rather than are too ‘fashion.’ You love the idea of a classic wedding and one that your guests will ultimately remember for being incredibly sophisticated. If you have only started to think about stationery for your big day, I am in no doubt that you will be interested in elegant wedding invitations, rather than ones that are too floral/bright, etc.

Don’t worry about trying to find elegant wedding invitations that you will fall in love with. Style & the Bride has done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Hope you enjoy our pick of 5 of the best elegant wedding invitations.

1. Ruth Kaye’s ‘Five Shades of Grey’ invitation

Ruth Kaye’s ‘Five Shades of Grey’ invitation

I just adore this invitation by Ruth Kaye Designs.

2. Artcadia’s ‘Burlington’ invitation

Artcadia's Wedding Invitation

How elegant is Artcadia’s ‘Burlington’ invitation?

3. Emmy Designs ‘Simply Fancy’ invitation

 Emmy Designs ‘Simply Fancy’ invitation

I adore the sophistication of this ‘Simply Fancy’ range. Modern yet very elegant.

4. Elinor Rose’s Deco Wrap invitation

Elinor Rose’s Deco Wrap invitation

I just adore the ‘Deco Wrap’ by Elinor Rose.

5. Project Pretty’s ‘Millie’ invitation

Wedding Invitation

Black may not be a traditional color choice for invitations but I think it can look very elegant.