Bridal Hair Accessories Too Wow…!!!

Bridal Hair Accessories Too Wow…!!!

Camellia with Trailing Buds

I am in love with this ‘Camellia with Trailing Buds’ headpiece by Jennifer Behr.

Greek Goddess style headpiece

I adore Jannie Baltzer’s ‘Linda’ headpiece. It is very ‘Greek Goddess’ in style.

As anyone who works in the fashion industry will tell you, an outfit is not complete without the right accessories! The same rule should apply to what you wear in your hair to complement your wedding gown.

You may think your job is done if you have found your dream bridal dress, but you would be mistaken. Have you thought about how you are going to wear your hair yet? And if you have decided on your hairstyle, what about the right headpiece or veil?

I would urge you not to leave finding your hair accessory/headpiece or veil until the last moment. If you are having a hairdresser do your hair on your big day, you will want him or her to do a hair trial a few months beforehand and see whether your headpiece works with the hairstyle you want.

When it comes to bridal hair accessories, I would advise you to think very carefully. Don’t go for something that will overpower your dress. On the contrary, you don’t want to go for anything too small that won’t enhance your look. I believe that you should get a similar feeling when you try on the perfect hair accessory to when you found your dream dress. You will know when it is right for you. It will not only suit the shape of your face, but the look/style of your wedding. Here is my pick of the most beautiful hair accessories to choose from…

Girly brides style headpieces

Girly brides will love Erica Elizabeth Designs.

Hawthorn style design

This ‘Hawthorn’ design by HT Headwear is very striking and a great alternative to a traditional veil.

Lily Crystal ribbon

This ‘Lily Crystal’ hair ribbon by Elizabeth Bower for Accessory Avenue, is very pretty.

poppy veil

Isn’t this Double Poppy with Veiling’ exquisite by Jennifer Behr?