Exclusive Interview With Bridal Designer Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah

Today, we took an Exclusive Interview With Bridal Designer Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah.
Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah has been designing bridal fashion for the brand since 1990, so certainly knows everything about the industry. She has seen trends come and go and has ensured that the gowns she creates today are both modern yet current.

She took time out from her very busy schedule to chat exclusively with Style & the Bride. Before you take time out to read the interview, I thought I would share with you some images of beautiful dresses from Alan Hannah’s latest collection, and also a couple from their other label, MiaMia Bridal, which was set up to provide brides with a taste of couture but in an accessible ready to wear option, with a more affordable cost point.

Here are some Q&A from Exclusive Interview With Bridal Designer Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah

Dolores Bridal Dress

I adore the timeless quality of this ‘Dolores’ dress, so, so elegant.

Marguerite, is there a typical Alan Hannah bride?

Not really, every bride is an individual. All our dresses are sophisticated in terms of design and cut but never ostentatious. An Alan Hannah bride, regardless of her personality, can recognize beautiful fabric and a well-cut dress. We only use the best quality pearls and crystals for our beadwork, but we want to ensure that our dresses are within reach for the majority of brides. The price you would expect to pay for an Alan Hannah gown is between £2000-£2500 and between £1000 and £1800 for a MiaMia dress.

When did you launch MiaMia bridal and why did you decide to launch it?

 We wanted to launch a new label in 2009 to develop a more experimental and fashion led style that would retail at a lower price point than our couture gowns. The two labels have a very different aesthetic. MiaMia uses more floaty lace and chiffon and less structured construction. The photo shoots for MiaMia are more boho and have a slightly more playful feel.

‘Carrie’ bridal dress

How gorgeous is this ‘Carrie’ dress from MiaMia’s Rhapsody Collection?

MiaMia ‘Estelle’ bridal dress

This MiaMia ‘Estelle’ dress is very elegant and contemporary. 

Are you influenced by ready to wear designers?

Of course, all artists and designers are inspired by others and this is what produces the evolution of art and fashion. In modern times, I think it is hard to beat the commitment to craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen.

What advice would you give to the bride-to-be when going wedding dress shopping for the first time?

Take a trusted friend, not six! Try different shapes and colours, be open minded and try to find shapes that flatter you and reflect your personality.

If you could design a wedding dress for any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I feel that our brides are very strong and independent. I would love to dress someone like Cate Blanchett who radiates all these traits, as well as being sophisticated, elegant and beautiful.

Do you have a favourite celebrity bride, past or present?

Grace Kelly, of course.

What do you think the big trends will be this year in bridal?

I really think there is a return to strong lines and clean cut silhouettes. Interesting fabrics, bold prints and hand painting will give colour and texture to the  sharpness of cut.

‘Gwyneth’ bridal dress

This ‘Gwyneth’ dress, which is part of Alan Hannah’s ‘Timeless Beauty’ campaign’ has a lot of intricate beading on the back of the design.

That’s all from Exclusive Interview With Bridal Designer Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah.