Glamorous Evening Bridal Makeup Look

I know the majority of brides-to-be like a fresh, and natural look for their wedding, but there may be some of you out there who want a slightly more glamorous/seductive look for the evening. If you are lucky enough to have a makeup artist for your big day, why not ask him or her to change your look during the reception for a more sophisticated look?

If you want to get glamorous evening bridal makeup look by yourself then we have some suggestions and tips below.

Chanel’s Christmas 2013 makeup collection is perfect for achieving a glamorous evening makeup style. The ‘Ombres Matelassées de Chanel eye palette, has five eyeshadows in shades such as beige, bronze, and violet plum. Red lipstick is a must, which can be achieved with their two new shades La Désirée and La Précieuse, both bold and seductive colors.

I love the idea of choosing a ‘natural’ makeup look as you walk down the aisle as a ‘Miss’, but then switching things up a bit after you have become a ‘Mrs’. I am sure your new husband will appreciate it!


Chanel's 2013 Collection

I love the glamorous feel of Chanel’s Christmas 2013 collection.

Chanel’s Christmas collection

Chanel’s Christmas collection is perfect for creating a glamorous evening look.