Include And Style Your Dog On Your Wedding Day : Tips and Tricks

All you dog lovers out there will just love this blog post about how to include and style your dog on your wedding day. Since I have launched Style & the Bride, I have included quite a few weddings where dogs have featured. Some of you who are newly engaged may not even have thought about including your dog on your wedding day. However, if your ceremony venue and reception venue allows you, we say why not? It is imperative however that you don’t just assume your pet is allowed. Many religious venues and hotels etc have very strict rules when it comes to pets, so always ask and never assume.

If you do get the go ahead to include your dog on your wedding day, think carefully about he/she is going to look and the part you would like them to play. Do you like the idea of walking down the aisle with them? Or perhaps your groom can look after the dog whilst he waits for your arrival? If you feel your wedding day wouldn’t be the same without your dog, make sure you do include them. I adore how Style & the Bride couple Helen and Oliver made sure their dog Dylan featured as part of their wedding day. They hung the cute sign, ‘I love her more!’ around his neck. Take a lookhere. Emma and George, who also featured on the wedding blog, said about their dogs, ‘We brought our dogs over from the UK with us. They were a lot of fun during the photographs and it would not have been the same without them.’ See their wedding here.

When it comes to styling your dog, there are many companies that can help you out. I am a huge fan of Cupid Collars, which provides silk flower dog collars in a variety of different colors and styles. So how to …

Include And Style Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

Great style options for your dog on your wedding day

dog on your wedding

Ensure your dog’s collar complements your bouquet. This is by Cupid Collars, Etsy


dog on your wedding

How about these dog bow ties by Mutts & Hounds, Not On The High Street?

dog on your wedding

It was very important to George and Emma that their dogs were with them on their wedding day. Photo by Therese Aherne.

dog on your wedding

Helen and Oliver’s cute dog Dylan. Photograph by John Barwood.

dog on your wedding

Alissa and Charles’s dog Agassi had a custom made suit to match Charles’s outfit. Photograph by Ruth Allen Photography.