Inspirational Flower Decor Ideas for Reception by Rachel Clingen

Inspirational Flower Decor Ideas for Reception by Rachel Clingen

Pink Bouquets

How lovely are these ‘Pretty in Pink’ bouquets with a ribbon tied around the stems. I love the sweet ‘Reserved’ sign too. Photograph by Inception Photography.

Although Style & the Bride is based in London in the UK, it is without a doubt an international wedding blog.

I am so excited today to bring you an exclusive interview with Canadian Rachel A. Clingen, an exceptional wedding, and event decor and designer, who founded her company in 1992. She is the Principal Designer in the husband and wife team of Rachel and David Clingen.

When I first saw some of the images of wedding receptions Rachel has planned, I was literally overwhelmed with her creativity. ‘I find inspiration from watching trends in fashion, interior design, and the bridal markets,’ explains Rachel. ‘I love all things pretty. As styles change, our minds are always adjusting to what we are attracted to. I love the colour, texture and will always be creating. Our brides enjoy a fun and creative design process. Whilst some brides might want us to recreate something they have seen, others are willing to allow us to try something new.

With regards to colors, Rachel says she is drawn to soft classic tones such as pinks, creams, champagnes.

Her favorite season is fall (autumn). ‘Here in Canada, and specifically in Ontario, we have lovely fall days. The intense heat of summer is gone, and we are left with the warm glow of the fall sun. It is also much easier to work in, especially for outdoor weddings.’

I am sure you will agree with me that Rachel is one talented lady!



Pink wedding reception decor

How sublime is this ‘pink’ wedding reception? Photograph by Rowell Photography.

Lovely wedding bouquet

Isn’t this just the loveliest wedding bouquet? So fresh and feminine, yet still contemporary. Photograph by Corina V. Photography.

Gypsohila wedding decor

I love, love Gypsophila, don’t you? Photograph by Corina V. Photography.

This was it…all Beautiful Reception Ideas by Rachel A. Clingen Wedding and Event Design.