Top 10 Boho Style Wedding Dresses

For me, it is a way of dressing that draws influence from hippy styles that developed in the middle to the late 1960s. When I think of women in the public eye who epitomized boho style in the early 2000s, I immediately think of supermodel Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. With their flowing dresses, rock n’ roll’ beachy hair, and laid back approach, they were undoubtedly were the Queens of boho style

It was only natural that the boho style would become a big trend in the world of weddings and for many years, it was very fashionable. Although the trend has waned in recent years, thanks to the boho vibe that featured in Spring/Summer 2015 collections such as Chloé, (where Claire Waight-Keller, their Creative Director, sent models down the catwalk in pretty lace dresses, and flowing fabrics), I think it is set to be big in bridal once again.

So, how do you know if a boho style wedding dress is right for you? Well, I think would you know long before you get engaged. After all, if you wear hippy style clothes all year round, love Glastonbury, and adored Kate Moss’s and Sienna Miller’s boho style in the early 2000s. then a boho style wedding dress is a MUST for you.

I think boho style bridal dresses work best at beach and country weddings, rather than at a city wedding (although there is no reason why you can’t wear a boho style wedding dress) for one. I LOVE (if practical) the idea of boho brides kicking off their wedding shoes or sandals after the ceremony and running barefoot through fields with their new husband. Before I get completely carried away, here are my top 10 boho style wedding dresses. 


1. Daughters of Simone, available at Hearts A Flutter

Daughters of Simone

How gorgeous is this dress? Perfect for the boho style bride!

2) ‘Anette’ dress by Minna

‘Anette’ dress by Minna

Isn’t this ‘Anette’ dress by Minna just stunning? Made from crinkled silk georgette is very romantic.

3. ‘Lynch’ top, ‘Brisseau’ skirt and ‘Dumas’ flower crown, Laure de Sagazan, available at The Mews of Notting Hill

‘Lynch’ top, ‘Brisseau’ skirt and ‘Dumas’ flower crown

The perfect choice for the boho bride.

4. Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta


I adore the ‘beachy boho vibe’ of this Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.

5) ‘Willow’ by Dana Bolton

‘Willow’ by Dana Bolton

This ‘Willow’ dress by Dana Bolton has an ethereal quality to it. The design is inspired by a 70’s boho, rock chic look. Photograph by Kirsten Mavric.

6) ‘Colette’ by Grace Loves Lace

‘Colette’ by Grace Loves Lace


How you can not fall in love with this ‘Colette’ dress from Australian based Grace Loves Lace?

7)’Pettine Versailles’ by Charlie Brear

'Pettine Versailles’ by Charlie Brear


This ‘Charlie Brear’ dress has such a romantic feel to it, lace is a must when it comes to boho style wedding dresses.

8) ‘Heidi’ dress, ‘Love Marley’ collection, Watters


‘Heidi’ dress, ‘Love Marley’ collection, Watters

The ‘Love Marley’ range, available at Watters, is perfect for the boho style bride.

9) ‘Alana’ ‘Boho Chic’ collection, YolanCris

‘Alana’ ‘Boho Chic’ collection, YolanCris


YolanCris have a whole range called ‘Boho Chic’ This ‘Alana’ dress is very modern yet boho.

10) ‘Avery’ dress Rime Arodaky, available at The Mews of Notting Hill

‘Avery’ dress Rime Arodaky

This ‘Avery’ dress by Rime Arodaky has a very ‘rock n roll boho vibe to it.

Here is the final boho dress out of Top 10 Boho Style Wedding Dresses